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直径:3.9cm    重:17.0g

Xianfeng Heavy Treasure

Diameter: 3.9cm Weight: 17.0g


The Chinese nation has a long history, a large number of ethnic groups, a vast territory, and a political power. Its currency development process is long and evolving, and the coins left in various eras are as vast as the sea. There are many kinds, annoying shapes, large quantities, and wide distribution. It is also unique in the history of world currency. From the Bay of the Shang Dynasty, the knife of the Warring States, the cloth coin, the square hole of the Qin Dynasty, to the end of the Qing Dynasty. Mechanism coins, tens of thousands of ancient coins constitute the largest collection of coins in the field of coin collection, attracting countless hobbies, collectors and researchers. For thousands of years, the ancient coins have experienced vicissitudes of life, the number of deposits has become less and less, and the value of investment has been increasing. In the past decade, the market of ancient coins has been rising all the time, especially some high-end ancient coins are very popular. The price of ancient coins is judged by the existence of the world, artistic value and historical value, and varies with the degree of market supply and demand.


The evolution of the Chinese currency system has gone through the storms. The Xianfeng Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty was a period of chaos after the monarchy in the history of China. During the reign of Xianfeng, it was the autumn of the Qing Dynasty. There was a rise of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement, and there were British and French coalition forces step by step. However, the Qing government’s tax revenues plummeted, and the copper roads were infarcted and the treasury was empty. "Guangxu Shuntian Fuzhi" contains: "Xianfeng three years, the number of military troops, the need for support, the southeast road obstruction, the copper is not, the criminal department Shangshu Zhou Zupei, Dali Siqing Hengchun, Yu Shi Cai Shaolu successive Chen Qianfa, Please change the big money to make up for it." The Xianfeng Emperor ordered the Ministry of Housing to implement the proposal of casting large sums of money. In May of the Xianfeng three years (1853), the first one was to make ten kinds of money. Qian Wen was “salty and heavy”, weighing six yuan, and the regulations were complementary to the production of money. Since then, the big money has been unsuccessful, and the country has 29 money-making bureaus. Since then, the money and law have been chaotic.


The diameter of this Xianfeng heavy treasure: 3.9cm weight: 17.0g; the face of the words "Xianfeng heavy treasure" four words, the back of the text is about Manchu, the upper and lower is the "Dang ten" two words, the book body, the pen specification, the pen way highlights Powerful, the strokes are spaced apart, clear and tangible, horizontally erected, layout coordinated, the book is dignified and beautiful, the original charm is vivid, the book is naturally open, the casting is finished, the thickness is moderate, and the money is shaped. The cast of the square is straight, flat and clear, and the wheel is clean. It can be seen that it is narrowly worn, the word profile is deep and straight, natural and decent, and there are rules and regulations. There is no falsehood of high convexity. The layout of Qianwen is standardized and coordinated, and the casting is solemn and solemn.


“Xianfeng Zhongbao Shishi” attracts ancient coin lovers with its many characteristics, and even “outsiders” who do not understand ancient coins are caused by their incomparable charm with other coins. Because the Xianfeng ten coins are large-scale ancient coins, and multi-bureau, multi-version, multi-font, multi-grain, multi-material, etc., are not only the favorite of beginners, but also the object of expert research, which is highly collectible.



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